Get Out The Vote!

As a senior citizen, how many times have you voted in an election? Who did  you play a part in electing? After many years of participating in the Democratic process, no one knows the importance of showing up at the polls better than you do. But how can you do so when living in a senior living collierville facility? Fortunately, voting as a resident of a senior living facility is much easier than expected. In fact, I’d argue that it’s even easier than it would be if you were living 100% independently.

voting in assisted living facilities

Getting To The Polls

Let’s face it. As seniors, it can be difficult to complete even simple tasks some days. Some days are just better than others. Take voting, for example. If you have a rough day, the prospect of getting in your car, driving to the polling station, and fighting the crowd just isn’t your idea of a good time.

Fortunately, voting as a resident of an assisted living Collierville facility is actually much easier. Instead of having to drive to a voting center (and find its location), imagine just hoping on a clean shuttle with a knowledgeable driver instead. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

But what if you have no desire to get into that shuttle and head down to the voting center? What are your options?


  1. Absentee Ballot. Many areas allow for absentee voting if you live in a senior living facility.
  2. Transportation to Polling Place. Like we mentioned before, odds are that your facility will provide shuttle transportation to the polling place.
  3. Mobile Polling. In some instances, election officials will come to you. Doesn’t that sound nice? You’ll need to live in a facility with plenty of residents for this to happen.
  4. Fly Solo. Feeling spry? You can always head out to the polling place alone.

Voting as a resident of an assisted living facility is much easier than one might think. Be sure to communicate with the facility director and follow the tips above to continue your own personal tradition of participating fully as a member of a Democratic nation. After all, odds are that you or someone you’ve loved fought hard to ensure the continuity of this very important process.